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Bring on the caffeine!
This one is my fave. Best #coffee in town (at TWO CENTS)

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They said
“Aim for the sky then you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”

Then. Can i reach a place that’s higher than ceiling?aim for the outerspace maybe?

#quote for a cool #ceiling .
#interior #interiordesign #design (at SKYE)

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History illustration carved on a stone wall (at Sam Poo Kong Temple (Zheng He Temple))

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Lawang sewu. An old dutch building with thousand door. A beautiful old building with its spooky history. Yang bikin ga tahannya ngeliat underground prison yg pengap lembab dan gak bisa ngebayangin rasanya ditahan kesiksa disitu… -_-” (at Lawang Sewu)

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Sam poo kong. Gedung Batu Temple. Oldest chinese temple in semarang. Central Java (at Sam Poo Kong Temple (Zheng He Temple))

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Toko oen. Since 1963. Semarang. Java. (at Toko OEN)

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Nah loh. (at Kota tua semarang)

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Just me, my sushi pillow, and a book. Travelling with business class train all alone is my 1st experience. I probably exaggerated it too much. But it feels like im in a different world and its exciting, apparently. Wandering around and Laughing out inside eventho my but is in pain.
Well, it says “when the traveler goes alone, he gets acquainted with himself”

#mongnaonren :)))

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Who am i? #fashion #quote #typography

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A very cool drunken master bottle! gift from #bali ♥♥

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The difference between chirping out if turn and a faux pas depends on what kind of bar you’re in.

#industrial #bar #interior (at Monolog)

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Yagitudeh…. #draw #mixmedia #interior

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