One of my fave bar with a lovely #sunset #bali #indonesia

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I’ve voted for a better indonesia. #election

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Good morning love.

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Brainstorming. (at Two Cents)

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Another cool place worth a visit.
Nice people, cool ambience, good lattes, yummy foods.

@thfcoffee (at Two Hands Full)

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Camera trick.

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This awwwwwwesome vintage radio cassette from the 80’s era is available at GARAGE SALE for only 100k!!
Come to our BACK! GARAGE SALE For Charity start from 7-8 june 2014 @ jl. Natuna no.47 Bandung

We have lots of cool stuff, fine prices treasures too good to miss.

See ya all tomorrow~~ with Rendy, Hanny, Rike, Defie, adhika putra, Royyan, Amy, Dima Ujiana, Astri, Rike, Motan Motana, Ruth, Annisa, Koko Sandy, tina, W R L D, Marsha, Boy, Naluri, budi, Annisa, Riani, Gerry, Adisti, Abe, Feri, Radithya, Zi, Fema, Meryska, yagi, Delvi, Tamara, Meriska, Efi, and Billy at Natuna 47 – View on Path.

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"To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books"

One fine afternoon with a good book, a cup of coffee and words to reflect on. (at Cafe Asix)

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Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.

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#selfie of the day 8)) . Dont mind the ugly eyebrow. Still learn how to use make up #masihbelajarsis #gakgagalgakbelajar

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Living in the capital city

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New nail polish feat. mbah dukun

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Hello monday

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When an hour feels like 10 minutes. A story called : live with deadlines. But there’s always time for a cup of coffee at a cool coffeenery with a good friend.
Just went to a pretty cool place caled @noahsbarn . Such a nice place with a cool ambience. #kemaneajerenie #anakbaru (at Noah’s Barn Coffeenery)

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